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Daffodil Day Collection

So many people have been effected by Cancer, including myself
Today we raised $558.20 for Daffodil Day* Thank you Papatoetoe South School
Students, Parents and Staff
* It's not officially Daffodil Day until next Friday
but because we have school photos next Friday
we thought we would do this this week!!
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Where are they?

Mr & Mrs Barratt are now living in Saudi Arabia!

Questions from students about Saudi Arabia have sparked a display about where the Barratts are now living and what it is like...

Come and check it out!
Pictures, maps, weather, food... even how many camels are sold every day at the markets!!!

Remember This...?

This is the true story.. of the famous Kaikoura Cows and their remarkable adventure!
On Monday 14th November 2016, at 2 minutes
after midnight, there was a big earthquake in the
South Island of New Zealand, not far from the town of Kaikoura.
These 3 brave cows quickly became famous,
as people all over the world shared an amazing
image of them stranded on an "island" of grass!
Great picture book by Jane Millton

Will You Be Scared??

"Holding his breath, he crept down the stairs and out the front door. He stepped around to the drivers side and grabbed the handle. "Go ahead" a voice whispered. "Climb in" Mitchell had not idea how scary this ride was going to be..."
The Haunted Car under "STI" in the Fiction Section
30 Newly Covered Goosebumps Books Just for our students that like a little scare and excitement too!


ANGRY BIRDS & National Geographic Kids presents The ANGRY BIRDS PLAYGROUND Collection
Jam packed with facts and adventure Fantastic photography 3 great primary school books to share ANIMALS, DINOSAURS & ATLAS

First Experiences...

Are you visiting the Doctor, Dentist, Hospital  or School for the first time... or maybe it's been a while?
First Experiences Books help younger children to learn about the new and unfamiliar experiences that they will go through. This series gives factual information on real-life situations that children may be anxious or nervous to talk about.
Available now in our Non-Fiction Section

Can You See A Clown?

I Just Love Keeping Our Students Minds Busy This is one example of a Lunch Time Activity
that I offer the kids at PSS... Keeps them Quiet ;)
Providing the children a game that teaches them
patience, team work and focus is definately a winner...
Giving them a list of "Can You See ......" items for them to find, the kids just lap it up!!