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Roald Dahl Fan?

The Roald Dahl Collection 15 Famous Titles are now available in our Library!
Some new titles that we have never had in the library before!
If you are a Roald Dahl fan...  Be quick These will be snapped up fast!

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A New Book Review

By Alize Room 20
Author:Saroo Brierley
Classification:Non-Fiction 306
The Lion book was a good book. He got adopted by different parents when he was 5.
The movie is already out about his story.
After 25 years he was trying to find his birth parents and go back home.
This is a really awesome read

It's that time again...

Every Term I try and sort
the new from the old the popular from the neglected
the falling apart from the "can be saved"

Some of these books are gifted to students
some of them are used in the class room!
If a book is labelled/stamped like this, it does not need to be returned to the library YOU CAN KEEP IT!!
This is a great way that we can re-use our resources

Inventors and Inventions

So excited to share this cool new game with the kids at Papatoetoe South School

Match the Inventor with the Invention!!! Do you know who invented the pencil? Come and test yourself

Promoting Happiness

So this is the mission Making our Library Happy
Our library is going to be filled with with quotes
of happiness, love, friends and being kind
A New Culture of Kindness is in the making!

Juniors Section

Looking better everyday Clear, together, bold... everything a little person needs to make them curious! Our school library is looking better everyday :)
The standing shelving (on the right) is full of new and popular books for the kids to spot easily. The books on this shelf change every day to keep the interest of thriving little brains!!

Activity Wall - New Feature

Hi Everyone!
Always trying to come up with new interactive things in the library to give it a new feel!
Mini Boogle Find a Smiley Face Telling the Time and the old time favourite... Naughts & Crosses
A new feature in our school library that is proving to be
a massive success... which means I'm going to have to
come up with new ideas and swap them around to
keep things fresh, so the kids don't get board!!!!