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Promoting Happiness

So this is the mission Making our Library Happy
Our library is going to be filled with with quotes
of happiness, love, friends and being kind
A New Culture of Kindness is in the making!
Recent posts

Juniors Section

Looking better everyday Clear, together, bold... everything a little person needs to make them curious! Our school library is looking better everyday :)
The standing shelving (on the right) is full of new and popular books for the kids to spot easily. The books on this shelf change every day to keep the interest of thriving little brains!!

Activity Wall - New Feature

Hi Everyone!
Always trying to come up with new interactive things in the library to give it a new feel!
Mini Boogle Find a Smiley Face Telling the Time and the old time favourite... Naughts & Crosses
A new feature in our school library that is proving to be
a massive success... which means I'm going to have to
come up with new ideas and swap them around to
keep things fresh, so the kids don't get board!!!!

Welcome to Maori Language Week!!!

Hi everyone!!!
Maori Language is upon us... So I have 11 new books to share!!! These are Bi-Lingual Books!!!! So Awesome!!!!!
These can be found on the Maori Language Week Stand and after Maori Language Week under 'P' in the Picture Book Section
Don't say I don't look after you!! xxxxxxxxxx

Please Remember...

This is part of the New Look Library The Transformation is looking fantastic...
Loads of new things happening and loads of cool stuff for the kids to find, see, touch and play!
Our Library is a quiet place... and an awesome place for our kids to bee :)

A Search Station... A New Feature

What's a Search Station you ask? A Search Station is an allocated area that has a LapTop
available for you to use to search for a book that you are looking for!
This is a new feature
in Miss Kara's Library and I am VERY excited to share with you!

Reading to a Junior...

Reading to a Junior
in a calm quiet environment can put someone to sleep...
Wakey wakey... The bell has rung little Angel